• 11 May 2022

    REFLOW project: 5 sustainable and circular cities' projects case studies

    The REFLOW project just released case studies about 5 pilot-cities of its project. This project is part of the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and aims to develop circular and regenerative cities through the re-localisation of production and the re-configuration of material flows, in cooperation with the local municipalities, scientific and research institutions, technology providers, design and grassroot organisations, and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

    These 5 case studies present innovative solution to develop sustainable cities. Those solutions and examples span a wide field like recycling, circular economy, climate change mitigation, etc.. These case studies can give ideas to other cities to develop their own innovative solutions.

    If you want to have a look at those case studies, follow this link to go to the Covenant of Mayors library!