• 18 May 2022
    00:00 - 16:00

    CEESEN Partnership Conference 2022

    Ptuj & (online)
    Organiser: Coordinators

    This conference organised by the Central & Eastern European Sustainable Energy Network  is committed to support municipalities in the region to adapt to help mitigate the climate crisis and realize a climate-friendly future.

    It will gather municipalities, local decision makers, and experts to learn about great ideas, acquire information about possibilities, and build useful connections with one another as well as with actors from the governmental, NGO, and corporate sectors.

    It will address municipalities who are planning to take the first steps and would like to know more about the Covenant of Mayors and the SECAP. The range of our programme’s trainings, lectures, round tables, and workshops will help you to become familiar with the dos and don’ts of developing a climate strategy. Invited speakers from the Covenant of Mayors, DG Climate, and other expert institutions will help to understand the benefits of having a strategic view on climate and energy.

    For those who already know what they are aiming for, the most crucial question might well be how to finance the desired action plan. For the more experienced, you will deep dive into diverse topics – tackling energy poverty, adaptation, establishing energy communities to make the SECAP the core of your sustainability strategy.

    Peer-learning is important: share experiences and learn from the pioneers! Get involved into the stories of selected forerunner cities in the region, Vienna, Bratislava, Brno, Kaposvár. Located not far from one another, these cities are in four different countries, thus deal with four different sets of national legislative requirements and varying levels of central government support.

    Join and learn from experts and pioneer cities, build partnerships and share your results and solutions!
    Find more information about the topics of CEESEN and collect useful inputs from our blog. Attending the conference is free, prior registration is required.

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